That one time I went to Block Island

And never wanted to leave.

One of my best friend’s is getting married over Labor Day weekend and the bachelorette 3 day party was held in Block Island this past weekend. The weather; perfect, the company; incredible, and the memories; unforgettable. When we were babies (23-24), we had weekends like this {where all of us were together} a couple times a year, but now that we’re older (ehemm…forever 30), adventures like this are once a year {if we’re lucky}. I feel so blessed to have so many amazing women (and men) in my life who I can consider family. The people who end up sticking around throughout your life should lift you up and inspire you to be better and all of mine definitely do! These ladies and gents are independent, engaging, funny as hell, honest, and most important, loyal.

photo (8)

So onto the good stuff! The bride loves all-things-nautical, so Block Island was the perfect destination for a naughtical bach bash!

photo (6)

Koozies for our beers and sunnies for our peepers. 

The bride also loves to jump – anywhere and everywhere – so it was only fitting to spend as long as necessary until we got the perfect picture. And it is PERFECT.

 photo (5)

Pink solo cups were bought and bedazzled with pink glittery stickers to make sure everyone could spot their cup ASAP when they were thirsty.

photo (9)

Pink tanks for the bach party and a white tank for the bride was made with the bachelorette party hashtag on the back and a tiny picture of Block Island on the front. We topped it off with pictures at our amazing hotel, Spring House Hotel, and a bike ride around the island.

 photo (10)        anchor      photo 1 (2)

Instead of doing the typical sash and crown on our big night out, the bride wore a white dress and the bach party wore a black dress. It was subtle enough so everyone knew what was happening. FYI, trying to light a sparkler outside on a windy island will take a huddle of 14 girls and a strong thumb.

photo (4)

The food was TA DIE. It was a weekend of breakfast sammies at Rebecca’s Seafood Takeout, hummus sammies and smoothies at Froozies, soft serve at The Ice Cream Palace, oysters and swordfish and lobster rolls and lobster mash at Dead Eye Dicks; where I definitely recommend the strawberry lemonade from the cocktail menu. When a cocktail doesn’t taste like there’s alcohol in it, we call it juice. Be careful with this one. It’s the best juice on the island!

We finished the night at Yellow Kittens, which is definitely the best bar to go to at night. Bands play good “oldies” music, which is sad to say is now 80’s and 90’s, there’s a big dance floor, outdoor standing area, and we included a scavenger hunt that the bride had to complete. It involved dancing on stage, convincing a guy that he was a former fling, having guys upload a picture onto instagram of the bride doing something hilarious and tag it with our bach hashtag, and the like. The bride got 13/13. So proud.

Overall, Block Island is amazing and I can’t wait to go back. I also can’t wait for the wedding. Not only because I get to be a part of one of my bests special day but I also got to know her other friends and family that much better.  This only makes the dance floor at her wedding that much more amazing.

I’m exhausted and my skin is crispy despite wearing SPF 50, but, the memories I have with these girls are that much richer and the friendships I have that much closer.

I’ll end this post with one of the coasters in my home.

photo (11)


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