WCW :: Style Crush

WCW :: Style Crush :: Emma Watson


She grew out her bangs and bought a flat iron.

emma burberry

She swapped her school blazer for a Burberry trench.

emma watson white and grey

She added UN Women Goodwill Ambassador to her long list of accomplishments.

Emma Watson has one hell of a resumé.

Her style screams less is more and it WORKS. I’ve put together a board to showcase a classic Emma look and how you can get the look for less.

emma watson lookbook

Blouse // Pants // Heels // Cuff (similar) // Burgundy Lipstick // Straightening Baume

I’ve always rolled up the sleeves of a blouse to showcase a bracelet or two but I love how the cuff is on the outside of blouse. It will definitely be something I’ll try the next time I go out!

Not only does she have incredible style, she is also making inspirational headway as an ambassador. Emma’s first order of business in the UN is to change the way the world views the word feminism. Her roll in the UN is helping launch the campaign HeforShe; a campaign that is fighting for gender quality. Preach Emma, preach.

I hope you enjoyed WCW this week and if you are on the East Coast, stay warm!

Merry Thanksgiving Eve.


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