After Christmas Sales

Incredible deals are to be found after Christmas! My sister grabs up all her Christmas gifts for the next year on this day and I’ve come to adopt her tradition. Steals and deals, people. Steals and deals. Also, it’s not that often that I get to go to the outlets so I don’t say no.

I managed to get most of next year covered. Incredible! I also picked up some fun stuff for myself so I wanted to share.




These items were already on sale AND THEN they offered 50% off plus an extra 20%. Thanks J.Crew and BR! I could not say no.

Especially when I love loafers, sparkle, and rompers.

And all things black (ehemm…)

The best thing is, I didn’t come home with an empty wallet! Woot!

Anyone else grab up goodies today for next year?

P.S. I had some technical difficulties with the Friday Favorites post. Check it out if you didn’t get a chance!



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