WCW: Style Crush

Women Crush Wednesday : Style Crush : Olivia Munn


Since one of my favorite shows just ended, I thought it only fitting to have one of the stars be my style crush of the week. Not only that, Olivia Munn and I have many a thing in common.

Before I get to her style, here are the top five reasons why I relate to OM.

1. She was Cappie’s love interest on Greek. I wanted to be Cappie’s love interest on Greek! #whodidnt

2. She’s dating Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers was my quarterback in my fantasy league! #alwaysnextyearAR

3. She wrote a book. I write a blog! #practicallythesamething #amIrite?

4. She loves pairing stripes and red together. I LOVE pairing stripes and red together! Ehemm…


Lastly, and most importantly in my opinion…

5. She partnered with PETA to help bring awareness to the mistreatment of elephants. I foster this sweet babe from David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust! #savetheelephants #elephantsareamazing

I mean, we’re practically twins.

Regardless, I love Munn’s everyday style so here’s my pick to mirror this week.


Shirt // Pants // Bag // Pump // Pendant // Bangles (one, two, three, four)

Lipstick // Blush

Bobbi Brown is my go-to makeup. This blush looks like it would be over the top but it’s just the right amount of subtle and pop. If you’re going for a nice pink glow, look no further!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks style crush of the week! Also, if you’re in the mood for a good show to binge on, The Newsroom will not disappoint.



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