Knitting is cool, okay.

Guys! Knitting is cool. Let’s bring it back.

FullSizeRender (22)

I finally sent out this infinity scarf this week as a (very late, late) Christms gift. It’s a great personal gift, AND, it fits into the ‘girl on a budget’ category. WIN!

What you’ll need:

Chunky yarn

Size 13 knitting needles

Large sewing needle

The look:

I love the look of a chunky scarf. I wanted it to be wide so I did 30 stitches across the needle. I wanted it to be fairly loose loops so I used size 13 needles. The length was roughly 2/3 of a yard when I finished.


Below you’ll find videos for casting on the first row, the basic knit stitch, and casting off the last row. Enjoy!




Make it infinity:

Cut to minute 7:00 on the video below to find out how to connect the two ends of your scarf together.

Somewhere up there, I hope my Gram is proud…even if this is the only stitch I ever master. It’s easy, relaxing, and I can make it look almost exactly like a scarf that I would see in the stores. At more than half the cost. Again, WIN!

Tip: knitting pairs well with winter nights, a glass of vino (I mean…what doesn’t), watching RHOA (#teamNeNe), and/or Sunday’s by the fire. You will love it. I swear.

Go on. Get to knitting.

FullSizeRender (94)bullseye

P.S. Go Pats!!

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