Friday Favorites


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Pardon my absence. I have terribly missed blogging but life has thrown some curve balls. Regardless, I’m back, and I’m dedicating my Friday Favorites to my recent getaway; San Diego! Have you ever been? If not, you need to go. You will FALL. IN. LOVE. Hello, #westcoastbestcoast. I’m a believer.

One of my very bests from UConn (go HUSKIES!!) moved out there six months ago for love (♥) and a great job so I finally went to visit her for a long weekend. Here are all my adventures over the course of three days…

FullSizeRender (30)Dropping by Turquoise Coffee and picking up this Açai bowl (that basically bitch slaps my homemade one in the face) and then enjoying this view…


Can I have this view every day, please?

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Hitting up Balboa Park and walking through the botanical gardens which houses orchids, orchids, orchids, banana trees, succulents, and more orchids.

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Seal watching at La Jolla Cove. If your heart doesn’t get all warm and fuzzy looking at seal families sun bathing then I’m pretty sure you have no soul. Visiting La Jolla Cove makes you want to stop everything and move out west. #amIright??

After drooling over the stunning homes in Coronado, drooling over the menu at Leroy’s Kitchen & Lounge makes this swank beach town a dream. Leroy, what is your brussel sprout recipe secret? Tell me!! PLEASE.

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Taking in the orange juice with a shot of goji at The Fig Tree Cafe. If I have learned anything, it is that orange juice forever needs to have a shot of goji in it or it is NOT WORTH the calories. I have never wanted something to be bottled and sold at the nearest grocery store so bad in my whole life. GET ON IT FIG TREE. GET ON IT. 

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Those Ocean Beach bars. Wonderland. The windows are open and you get a clear shot of the water, pier, and sunset. And, if you are seated at the bar, you get a free yummy shot as the sun is setting! OB Warehouse. Great brews (and the most mouth-watering drink combos), dim lighting, and good music. Nothing better.

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Those views.

FullSizeRender_1 (2)         IMG_1463 (2)        IMG_1466 (2)

Those sunsets.

I will also not be forgetting the California burrito from Ramiro’s Taco Shopthe fish taco’s from The Duck Dive, or the B.E.A.T sammie from Snooze.

My trip was a whirlwind. Not only for all the great favorites above, but for the company that I wouldn’t trade for the world since Jazz 101.

Cheers to you, San Diego. You have me wrapped around your finger.

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