Man Crush Monday



I’ve been in love with Justin Vernon’s music for a long time now, and, his band name definitely holds up to it’s meaning; good writer. At first ear shot, it would seem like you would need to be in a particular mood to enjoy his songs; maybe a rainy day or after a break up or nursing a bad cold. Would I put him on during a raging St. Patty’s Day party? Maybe not, BUT, that doesn’t mean that his music doesn’t give me a good case of the feels. His vibes always make me feel just right. So here are my favorites. I hope you enjoy.





His songs pair well with an afternoon on the porch with the sun beating down on your face, a snuggly throw and a sleeping puppy, a good make out session with your boo, a long hike up north or walking around by yourself at an art gallery. Either way, turn him up!

And as always, may your Monday be over before you know it.

FullSizeRender (94)bullseye

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