The emerald green door in my dreams


I don’t know what it is (maybe it’s my biological clock ticking for a house) but for the last couple of years, I have had SERIOUS #housefever. I mean, looking at zillow on the daily…HGTV is always on…scrolling through the home section of pinterest on the regular kind of #housefever.

I essentially moved home from the ‘boken so that I could really save some hard core cash and buckle down. I can feel that it’s right around the corner but I still have a ways to go. So, if I can’t make it a reality yet, I wanted to share with you my daydream for the exterior because I NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT. #bloggingtherapy

House style? Craftsman or Cape

House color? Light gray with black shudders and white trim

Front door? Emerald green.

Emerald green door, YES

And I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll meet Ina Garten and she’ll come over and want to build a garden that looks exactly like hers…

Ina Garten's Garden

As for the interior, the only thing I’m certain of is a need for an open concept (#whodoesnt, #hgtvlingo, #obsessed, #Iknowthings), a breakfast nook, french doors, and a sliding barn door to somewhere. LUCKILY, I already have a pretty sweet doormat for this future house. #soblessed

Who else is experiencing #housefever? You’re not alone.


Zucchini Fries

What will your Monday night need besides a nice glass of wine, you ask?

Zucchini Fries!

Make these beauties when you come home from work and I swear…they will be the TALK of the dinner table. Or, there will be no talking because people will be too busy eating them. NOM. NOM.


3 zucchinis, ends cut off, halved and cut into 1/2 inch strips

1 cup of cornmeal

3/4 cup of parmesean reggiano

2 egg whites

2 tsp of sea salt

1/2 tsp of rosemary

1/2 tsp of basil

1/2 tsp of thyme


1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and spray with cooking spray

2. Combine corn meal, 1/2 cup of parmesean, and spices and place in a gallon ziploc bag.

3. Take a handful of zucchini sticks and toss them into the egg whites. Then place them into the ziploc bag of yumminess and toss until all of the sticks are coated. Place them onto the tray. Repeat until all sticks have been tossed and coated.

4. Cook for 23 minutes. Sprinkle remaining parmesean over sticks and broil for 3-5 minutes until the sticks have browned on the top.

5. Serve with any dipping sauce you like but I’m privy to Hidden Valley’s Spicy Ranch. It’s as if you made a chipotle dipping sauce but without the work.

Zucchini Fries

These fries pair well with a low calorie diet (WIN…bikini season), a nice glass of Malbec on the back porch (I mean, what doesn’t), listening to Jamie Cullum with your boo, vegetarian night, and/or a substitute for movie theater popcorn and snowcaps.

I hope you all enjoy. I ESPECIALLY hope that your coffee be strong, and your Mondays be short…so that you can get home and make these fries! #amIright?


Pineapple Fever



Pineapples are certainly getting their 15 minutes of fame, #amIright? Summer and pineapples go hand-in-hand so I thought I’d let you in on a fun, summery drink that I like to call…

Talenti? More like Caliente!

*4 servings

IMG_3392 4 cups of chopped pineapple *save one full slice for garnish

1/2 cup of Talenti’s Caribbean Coconut Gelato

1 lime, squeezed

1/4 cup of pineapple juice

1/3 cup rum (optional)

1/2 cup of ice

Combine all the ingredients in the blender and blend away! Layer it into some fun, summery glasses (or red solo cups, no biggie) and garnish with the saved pineapple slice and a lime slice. This drink pairs well with summer nights with your hunnie, holiday bbqing with your best friends, day drinking on the beach, a casual tuesday (or any day for that matter), Florida Georgia Line playing in the background, and/or a drive-in movie. #cocktailONfleek

And if that wasn’t enough, I’ve put together a list of all my other favorite pineapple things that exist out there right now. Enjoy! IMG_3410 1. Tee // 2. Necklace // 3. Mug // 4. Shorties // 5. Espadrilles // 6. iPhone case // 7. Straw tote // 8. Clutch // 9. Jars // 10. Ice cube trays (seriously, how cute!!) // 11. Pillow

And from my on-trend bestie, her earring and necklace set!!

And pineapples…soak it up while it lasts. Yesterday’s flamingo is today’s pineapple. #amIright?


Happy Father’s Day!


I hope everyone is spending today (in any way that you can) with the Dad’s in your life. Not a day goes by that I’m not utterly thankful that this guy kicked cancer in the butt, so that 14 years later he would able to show us around Alaska and take this photo.



ooh la la!

ooh la la!

Does anyone else get excited about their new doormat for their house/condo that they don’t own yet? No? Bueller? YES, I know it should be spelled oh là là but then that would mean ‘oh my, oh no’. People would think I’m disappointed by their visit. This way it means, ‘OH YES, come in, I’m thrilled to have you.’ WIN.

Years ago there was a doormat that said ‘why hello there.’  I waited to buy it and then when I finally told myself to bite the bullet, it was all sold out. I told myself, never again will I lose out on such SOLID gold for my porch. NEVER!

Anywho, this doormat will pair well with ANY porch, ANY where. I imagine thrilling all the friends and family with this wonderful welcome. #amIright

Plus, 15% off your first order.


P.S. It’s almost Friday!



Before & After

So I had my comforter set, throw pillows, curtains for about 3 years now and it was time to change things up. My search for the perfect comforter took me to Target, Nordies, Home Goods, TJ’s, Macy’s, West Elm, Pottery Barn, and on, but I finally fell in love. #justwhenyouleastexpectit #amIright #seewhatIdidthere

I am thrilled how everything turned out so I wanted to share my before & after. Here goes!


Colors: Greys, Sparkles (that’s a color!), dark turquoise & salmon & purple



Bedding // Pillows, Throw, & Curtains // String lights // Prints

It is hard to see from the photos, but the bedding has this faint silver metallic stripe to it so it ties perfectly into the light silver in the curtains. I love the idea of using two different curtains for one window because I think it’s an easy way to add fun detail and it gives a good contrast. And the pillows were perfect for adding just the right amount of color. Do you love it as much as I do? I hope so!

And on this rainy Monday morning, all I want to do is get back in it. #amIright


OOTD :: Beach Style

beach style

There’s never a great time to be unemployed, BUT IF THERE WAS, it would be the summer. Off to the beach. On a Wednesday. The recruiters will still be alive and well tomorrow.

If you haven’t closed the browser yet (I hope not!), please check out my beach #ootd below.

My beach attire contains all the little details I love; neon, ruffles, scallops, pom pom fringe, and the floppiest of hats (with a little DIY peek-a-boo of neon).

Coverup (similar) // Scallop Bandeau // Ruffle Bikini Bottom // Sunnies // Towel // Hat

How do you style the beach?

#oceanairsaltyhair #flipflopzone


Life In The Travel Lane : Costa Rica


Stunning steps at our hotel

Taking you on the last steps of our journey; Manuel Antonio. (see what I did there? steps? a picture of steps?) How amazing are these steps, though? #inspirationforfuturehome. Whoops, getting distracted. Back to business! Manuel Antonio is along the western coast of Costa Rica and well worth the trip. I hope you enjoy my last post about one of my best.trips.ever.


Thank you, Desafio Adventure Company for providing a nice, air-conditioned 6 hour drive from Arenal to Manuel Antonio. Well equipped with great views of the lush land and a stop at Tarcoles River to see crocodiles. What they forget to suggest is this little container of fresh mango to buy for $2 at one of our stops!

You’re welcome. #alwaysaboutfood #amIright

It ended up raining for most of the day so we didn’t feel like we were missing a day of basking in the almost unbearable, SHADE ME NOW, heat. Don’t worry, we got plenty of SHADE ME NOW sun tanning on the remaining days. #peelingforweeks


We arrive at the beautiful Hotel La MariposaWe couldn’t have asked for a better ending. It was landscaped like something we had never seen before and THE VIEWS. UGH, the views. Take me back.

Those breakfast views too…free breakfast might I add.

And infinity pools for days…

Feeling like a celebrity in those things.

Manuel Antonio is 80% hotel and 20% beach town so there is a myriad of hotels to choose from but I would not change our choice for the world. We were walking distance from restaurants and “bars/nightclubs” and they provided easy transportation from the hotel to the beach. Win!


We didn’t know how exhausted we would be after our GO BIG OR GO HOME lifestyle the past four days so we kept our schedule open. Our first full day was spent down at the beach.

But all along the beach were signs for surf lessons. Considering we felt like we could be the next Presidents of the U.S.A after repelling down waterfalls like bosses, surfing in calm ocean waters seemed more than doable. And then we met Pablo. The drill sergeant surf guide of Costa Rica. There was a lot of “just get up, JUST GET UP, stop holding on, LET GO, ARMS OUT, tell your friend to LET GO, WHY IS IT SO HARD.”

While I felt discouraged 50 minutes out of the 60 minutes we were out there, I still wouldn’t have traded the experience (or Pablo) for a moment.

TIP: DO NOT book through a company. DO negotiate on the beach when you’re down there because we got $20 off of the usual price since surfing lessons are like Starbucks down on the beach. On every turn is another Costa Rican man looking to make a deal.

Our last excursion/last night was a catamaran boat tour/snorkeling session at sunset. Even though we were told we were too busy trying to take selfies and not busy enough looking for the fish, it was still a great end to our journey.


Tours include booze (although we didn’t have any until the end since we wanted to do a little more sight-seeing and a little less vomiting) and food! Costa Rica marinades fish like nobody else. Buy a bottle of Lizano Salsa on Amazon and you will not be disappointed. All that selfie-taking snorkeling, works up an appetite.


It’ll end with beautiful views, yummy fruit drinks, and a breathtaking sunset. Don’t be surprised if you want to sell all of your assets and move to Costa Rica.

The rest of our free time was spent either listening to howler monkeys while sipping on guava from our hotel pool, or exploring the beach for monkeys, wolfing down snowcones to keep cool, or writing our vacation hashtag (#bestiesmoon2015; explore instagram at will) in the sand and trying to get all of it in the picture with our feet. Tip: DO bargain and invest in chairs and an umbrella on the beach because if you’re anything like myself (being called MUEY BLANCO on the beach by a local #ugh #scoff #ultrawhitegirlproblems) you’ll want to spend most of your time in the shade.

Also, DO NOT be surprised if every time you’re in town, every local that you’ve seen on the beach knows your name and you feel like you’re in a tropical episode of Cheers.


DO NOT take advice from your cab driver and go to a soda downtown and order the nachos and think they’ll be anything like TreeHouse Cafe or you will be sadly disappointed. And hungry. DO take advice from your surfing instructor and go eat at Café Agua Azul (see my gal, laura m’s trip advisory review) and DO order the tuna tostados, chicken napoleon, brownie sundae (although we didn’t try the sundae, it sure did smell good) and wash it down with blackberry mojitos.

DO eat lunch at the Falafel BarAmbiance is amazing with low picnic tables, cozy cushions, and views of the ocean. DO NOT be surprised if you’re too busy devouring your falafel to even care about the views. Falafel bar comes with cute jewelry to buy while you ponder the menu.  DO be sad that you didn’t charge your phone before you left for lunch so that you could take a wonderful pic of this falafel sandwich (which comes with french fries in it, BTW) so that over a month later (sorry about that) you can post it on your blog. #ohtolivewithregrets.

DO NOT be surprised if you come home from vacation and dream about all the wonderful food you had in MA. #drool.


Guys, you would be so proud of us 30ish year old gals. We raged. WE RAGED. TAY TAY’s song #feelinglike22 was basically our theme song in MA. First night; Fred’s Place. DO get a bottle of Sangria, play pool, awe at Fred’s two pet bunnies, and DO try to avoid Fred, as Fred is a little tweaked out on something.

Pools are also open late night so DO NOT pass up living out your childhood dream of wishing that every hotel you’ve ever gone to in the U.S. included late night (legal) swimming.

Late night swimming under water

Our next night included ladies night (which means free drinks ALL NIGHT LONG) at Byblos Resort & Casino. DO NOT be surprised if you forget that you have a tolerance of a 30 year old. DO NOT be surprised if you run in to every person that has been on your excursions the entire trip and feel like a local. DEFINITELY DO NOT be surprised when you go into the bathroom and you find this…

Bathroom pictures are all the rage, #amIright

DO go to Zion Bar if you’ve had three FREE drinks and an unwelcomed tequila shot beforehand. DO NOT go to Zion Bar if you’re sober. If you are in the former category, DO expect to be the only group on the dance floor under the flattering light of a disco ball dancing to oldies rap. DO love their poster of Biggie Smalls and think of the days of yore when you used to listen to Big Poppa on cassette tape. DO love their chalkboard wall and honor it with your hashtag.


DO watch for cars on the road while you walk and laugh all the way back to your hotel. DO NOT be surprised if you wake up and no longer #feellike22.


1. DO watch out for squirrel monkeys to whisk across your hotel balcony in the morning.

2. DO NOT be surprised if you wake up and realize you were sleeping with something in your bed… #Iwokeuplikethis. Also, DO NOT be surprised if after a week long throw down with nature (beetles, snakes, spiders crawling all over your luggage) that instead of running to the other side of the room, you’re like “OH HEY. Gals, come see what I woke up to today.” #nbd #femaleversionofBearGrylls?


3. Do not give up…even after 50 minutes of falling down off of your surfboard during your surf lesson. #wwbd



That I can’t wait until the next one…

And if you’re just tuning in, please feel free to check out Monteverde and Arenal posts.