ooh la la!

ooh la la!

Does anyone else get excited about their new doormat for their house/condo that they don’t own yet? No? Bueller? YES, I know it should be spelled oh là là but then that would mean ‘oh my, oh no’. People would think I’m disappointed by their visit. This way it means, ‘OH YES, come in, I’m thrilled to have you.’ WIN.

Years ago there was a doormat that said ‘why hello there.’  I waited to buy it and then when I finally told myself to bite the bullet, it was all sold out. I told myself, never again will I lose out on such SOLID gold for my porch. NEVER!

Anywho, this doormat will pair well with ANY porch, ANY where. I imagine thrilling all the friends and family with this wonderful welcome. #amIright

Plus, 15% off your first order.


P.S. It’s almost Friday!

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