Be still, my wallet.


I have found the retail store of my dreams. Trivial, I know, but it is so good. I’m thinking of quitting my per diem day job and working as a clerk just so that I can hang out, shop, hoard work there EVERY DAY. If you are ever in Niantic, you must stop at GRACE! You will love, love, love, love, love it.

DO NOT be surprised if you feel the need to stop everything and drive, fly, boat from wherever you live and get your butt to this store. But definitely DO NOT be surprised if you want to pitch a tent and live there.

Once you’ve actually managed to push yourself out the door, DO stop at Skippers and order the tossed salad with seafood, curly fries, and potato clam cakes. DO scope out a seat while you order because

Skippers food, YUM.

DO stop at the the used book store down the street; The Book Barn and stock up on some books because you won’t have any money to do anything else but read for the next couple of months after all the damage you did at GRACE. #emphasisonthewordUSED #easyonthewallet

Book barn

DO go home broke and full. But really wallet, be still.


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