Cold Brew Pressing

Feeling like this?


PREACH. The struggle is so real. But the answer, you ask? Cold brew press!

I’ve been secretly brewing (see what I did there?) over making my own cold brew!! It’s less acidic (your chompers will thank you), tastes a little sweeter and less bitter (which means less sugar/milk in your coffee…your waist line will thank you #bikiniseason), and there’s little to no waste (your bank account will thank you). Nailing it, cold brew. Nailing it!

It’s also quick and you can make it a part of your Sunday prep for the week.

What you will need:

12 oz of your favorite brand of coffee (1.5 cups)

6 cups of water

Cheese cloth, pitcher, bowl


Pitcher and grounds

Add the coffee grounds to the pitcher of water


Stir in grounds

Fridge frame

Place it in your fridge for 24 hours

FullSizeRender (56)

Place the cheese cloth over the empty bowl

Pour some cold brew on me, in the name of ENERGY!

Pour the cold brew into the cheese cloth and watch it catch all of the grounds

Pour into your favorite coffee mug, add ice, and prepare as desired. I take my coffee with almond milk and I noticed I didn’t need as much as I usually do with hot coffee. Don’t be surprised if you take your first sip, and feel like this…

TIP: I was thinking that it might even be easier to just place the grounds into the cheese cloth, tie it with a twist tie and then place the cloth into the pitcher of water and let that brew for 24 hours. I didn’t try that so I can’t attest to how well it would work. I’ll be doing it again next week so I’ll let everyone know. Or fill me in if you end up trying it!

TIP: If you’re looking to add some flavor, mix in coconut flakes, vanilla bean sprigs, cinnamon sticks, or anything you would like before you let it brew for 24 hours. The flavor will shine through and it will taste amazing!

Let me know what flavors you choose! Happy Friday!


P.S. It is my one year blogiversary!! Thank you guys so much for checking in on my posts. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do writing them! Cheers to another year. xx

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