Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it

As summer is coming to a close {insert sobbing}, I am trying to wear my summer floppy hat AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. SO, my hat is the focus of my Friday Favorite segment this week. It’s all about how to take a good hat into an eye catching, neon obsessed, all things color popping hat. I hope you enjoy…

Before photo

Before I went to Costa Rica (Monteverde, Arenal, Manuel Antonio), I wanted a big floppy hat to tote around. I searched far and wide for a hat with a little something extra but I wasn’t finding it. What’s a girl to do? D.I.Y. I loved this hat the minute I tried it on and I KNEW it had the utmost potential.

Next stop; Michael’s for some neon pink craft pant. All I wanted to do was to make a rim of color underneath the brim and I found the perfect shade of HELLO, LOOK AT ME pink.

paper plate and craft paint

I didn’t want to dab on too much paint at one time so the paper plate comes in handy. It helped me to adjust the amount of paint on my paint sponge.


Next, I just went around the rim slowly until it was complete.


I painted on a second coat and let it dry.

And then let this happen…

Costa Rica

Nailed it. Under budget and unique!

Floppy hats with a neon rim pair well with a besties vacation, hanging out at the Great Lawn in New York City, beach bumming with your boo, lake lounging with your family, outdoor outlet shopping in San Diego, and/or sipping vino at a beautiful vineyard.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Friday Faves. And remember…

Be happy • Be bright • Be you

How do you style your summer?


Clean Eating


Chance brought us together, choice made us friends. 

After the most amazing gluten and family filled wedding weekend (beer, fried chicken, LOBSTER mac’n’cheese, biscuits, burgers, pie, cupcakes, s’more’s by the fire, bruschetta, fries, fries, and more duck fat fries), it is time to get back on track. Clean eating my way back to reality (ugh, what’s a scale?). That means back to my aςai bowls, fresh salads, and homemade pops!

Since I went overload on the sweets, my sweet tooth seems to be in rare form. SO, I thought I would make some homemade good for you popsicles to ease my way back into real life (where pies don’t help you lose weight, like I might as well have been thinking over the weekend with the size of my slices).


popsicle needs

Coconut water • homemade lemonade •pop maker molds


Fill up to 3/4 of the mold with coconut water • Fill the rest with lemonade • Cover molds with lid • Place in freezer for 3 hours • Place mold in luke warm water to help release the pop from the mold



Enjoy! Your sweet tooth AND the scale will thank you.

Homemade pops pair well with a hot summer day, after a long day at the beach with your boo, after a salad #amIright #itsStillBikiniSeason #saladsalldayeveryday, a drive-in movie theater, walking your pooch on a quiet side street by the water, and/or after a good barre workout.

Despite my desperate need for clean eating now, all of the gluten was worth it. And I’d never miss a moment with the kids above because in the end, all we have is family (blood related or otherwise). Mine just happens to be KICK ASS in every way and I KNOW I would miss them even if we never met.

P.S. My kick start to a more flexible me is going well! Day 15 and I think I might be 1 millimeter of an inch more flexible. #slowbutsteady #amIright


Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Making this weeks Friday favorites about my traveling tips and how I use cling wrap for everything. My sure proof trick to spend less time doing damage control and more time doing anything else while you’re on your vacation!

Shampoo bottles & more

Ever get to your hotel and open up your suitcase and you get a strong whiff of your shampoo? I think it’s happened to everyone at some point…somehow the lid on your shampoo bottle has loosened and it’s spilled all over your suitcase.  Never again.

Take your bottles that you are taking on your trip.


Open that bottle up and place the cling wrap over the inside of the lid.

FullSizeRender (29)

Close the lid, you’re done!

Finished product!

After that, I usually just place all of my bottles in a ziplock bag for extra security but I have never had a problem with my cling wrap!


Ever get to your hotel and find your necklaces all in a tangle? You spend hours trying to untagle them instead of spending hours doing ANYTHING ELSE.

Line up your necklaces in a row.


Take them and place them ontop of a large piece of cling wrap.

FullSizeRender (27)

Roll the cling wrap around the necklaces so that they stay in place.


Never again tangles, never again.


Last, but not least, earrings. Sometimes you just don’t have room in your suitcase for a nice container that will hold your earrings. Cling wrap saves space!

Lay out your earrings


Take a small piece of cling wrap and then poke a hole in the cling wrap with the earring. Do this until each earring is in and then roll it up.


They stay in place and you don’t have to scramble to find a matching pair when you’re busy getting ready!

Cling wrap pairs well with travel. #amIright

This concludes this weeks Friday Favorites! I hope you’ve enjoyed and I hope you are looking forward to weekend shenanigans, wine, family, friends, laughter, and love.


Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites are back! I took a little bit of a break from my favorites segment but I am ready to kick it off again. I hope you enjoy this weeks share!


I had some time to kill before doing the Niantic Fun Run on Wednesday night. Perfect place to kill time? None other than my favorite shop in all the land; Grace. I couldn’t help but pick up these cute hanging vases shown below. I think they’ll be PERFECT for the house that I don’t own yet, with the #frontdoorgoals of my dreams, paired perfectly with the doormat french dreams are made of!

FullSizeRender (19)

I added the greenery in one of them to show you the possibilities. What do you think??

Sugarboo Designs

While I was at Grace, I saw cute 2″x2″ love notes from Sugarboo Designs. When I went to their site, I couldn’t help but fall in love with all of their metal designs! This one below is a particular favorite along with one of the cutest cards. Definitely go check them out!

Packed Party

Last, but not least, I love these little pick me up care packages from Packed Party. The perfect little box of goodies to tell a bestie that you are thinking about them.

Whether you want to send a little birthday gift or a congratulations, Packed Party puts together the cutest touches to perk anyone up!

I hope you’ve enjoyed. Check back next week for more of my favorite things.


30 day Yoga Challenge

30 DAYS to a more flexible you

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

Oscar Wilde

As I’ve switched from working in pediatrics to working in geriatrics, I’m seeing (EVERY DAY, FIRST HAND) how invaluable it is to take care of your body and to keep it moving. That means clean eating ( I do that 80% of the time, love me some tortilla chips and vermont cheddar cheese), exercising ( I do that 75% of the time, love me some physique 57), and stretching to remain flexible (I do that…hmm…is sleeping a stretch?). EEK! SO, as my birthday rolled around a few days ago, I really started to think about what changes I wanted to make in my life.

SO, I’ve decided to take a 30 day yoga challenge and I wanted to share my journey. While I have to get up at 5:45 am, I never want to #IMEANWHODOES #AMIRIGHT. My goal will be to wake up and do five simple yoga poses to slowly wake up my body and be on the fast track to a more flexible ME. First things first. Brush my teeth (EW!) Second, drink some water with lemon to wake my brain/body up. Third, yoga time. Here are my five poses, how to do them, and why to do them. Also, make sure to read all the way to the end for my INVALUABLE tip on getting a better posture and saving your back. ENJOY!



HOW: Start on your hands and knees in neutral pose (your back is flat and your eyes are pointing down so that the top of your head to your tail bone make a straight line, your wrists are under your shoulders and your knees are under your hips). Take a deep inhale. On the exhale, arch your spine up, look down between your knees and imagine your belly button is trying to touch your spine to really engage the abs. This would be CAT POSE. As you inhale, Bring your spine back to neutral and then look up while dropping your belly. This would be COW POSE. Repeat this 4 times. Try to coordinate your breathing to the pose; exhale with CAT, inhale with COW.

WHY: This is a great exercise to loosen up the spine, neck and begin to stimulate the abs for the following exercises.


Standing flat back

HOW: Stand straight with your hands on your hips, feet together, weight placed in the heels of your feet. Exhale as you bend forward at the hips. Grab each elbow with the opposite hand and let your head hang loose. Imagine your tush bone is trying to reach the ceiling. Lift and lengthen with each inhale and exhale. Try to hold for 1 minute. To return, place your hands on your hips, flatten your back and return to beginning stance.

WHY: The flow of blood to your brain calms your nervous system, which in turn, relieves stress, anxiety, and fatigue (ESPECIALLY IN THE MORNING #amIright). It also lengthens the hamstrings and calves. NEED IT.


Downward dog

HOW: Begin on your hands and knees; wrists under shoulders and knees under hips. Your fingers should be facing forward. Exhale as you tuck your toes under and lift your knees off the floor. Imagine that there is a string is attached to your sit bone and it is being pulled up to the ceiling. Gently begin to straighten your legs and start to make an A shape with your body. Draw your shoulder blades back so that your shoulders aren’t up by your ears, and align your ears with your upper arms. Hold for 30 seconds. Return back to starting pose. Repeat.

WHY: It builds bone density, upper body strength, relieves stiffness and back pain, boosts circulation, and can be easily modified.


Warrior 2

HOW:  Start in a lunge position; left foot forward and the right foot will be at a 90 degree turn to the outside wall. You will want your left heel in line with the center of your back right foot. Exhale and bend your left knee over the left ankle so that the shin is perpendicular to the floor. Stretch your arms away from one another, parallel to the floor, and imagining that your finger tips are trying to touch the walls on either side (this way you are creating space between the shoulder blades and getting a great stretch). Turn the head to the left and look out over the fingers; keeping your torso in line with your pelvis. Stay for 30 seconds to a minute. Repeat on the right side.

WHY: A great stretch for the legs, hips, and chest. It increases stamina, balance, and helps relieve back pain. It also stimulates digestion. WIN.


Pigeon Pose

HOW: Bring your right knee between your hands and place your right ankle near your left wrist and your right knee near your right wrist. Extend your left leg behind you so that the top of your knee and the top of  your foot are resting on the floor. Imagine there is a string attached to the top of your head that is pulling up you toward the ceiling while your fingertips stay on the floor. This elongates the spine while you stay grounded in the stretch. Work on keeping your hips in line and parallel to the floor. Nobody wants a lopsided pigeon pose #amIright. Slowly start to walk your hands in front of you as you bend over your right leg. If you can’t get all the way down, go down as far as you can. You can rest your elbows down on the floor for a modified version. Hold for 30 seconds. Walk your fingers back up to starting position and then repeat on the other leg.

WHY: This is a deep stretch for your shoulders, hips, and upper leg area. It also does great things for digestion by stimulating your abdominal muscles. WOOT!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST. Stand straight with your feet hips width apart. Place your right hand on top of your head and your left hand on the back of your head. Press the top of your head against your right hand. While holding that position, press the back of your head toward your left hand. THIS is the ideal position of your head/spine. #pilatestip #allIwantistobeapilatesteacher #ONEdaySOMEday When you are sitting at a desk during the day, try to complete this exercise every hour to help elongate the spine and stretch out the muscles in your neck. It will also help you be more aware of your posture. And remember; 90-90-90. Make sure that your ankles are at 90 degrees, your knees are at 90 degrees, and your hips are at 90 degrees when you are sitting in your chair. This will relieve stress on your muscles and joints and it will save you from back pain later in life. Please see photo below. Make changes. Save the back!

Back saver

I will check back in at the 15th day, 8.26.15, to let you know how I’m doing on my ALL I WANT IS MORE FLEXIBILITY challenge.

P.S. This is my 100th post! I hope you stay on for many more!


DIY Floral Crown


Floral Crowns

What you will need:

* faux flowers * floral tape * floral wire * wire cutters * twine *


1. Cut two pieces of floral wire 16 inches in length.

2. Intertwine the two pieces loosely so that they are easy to manipulate.

3. Cut two pieces of twine 9 inches in length.

4. Cut the flower pieces (about 12-15 per crown) off the stems. You will want to leave at least a 1/4 inch of stem on the flower so that you have something to wrap the tape around.

Flowers cut

4. Place 1/2 inch of the twine onto one end of the wire and start rolling the tape around the twine and the wire. *you will not cut the tape until you get to the other end of the wire while you place the flowers around*

5. Place the stem against the wire and start wrapping the tape around. It’s best to wrap it around twice so that you know it will be secure.  Bring the tape underneath the stem and continue to wrap around the remaining wire. I went about 1/2 inch before I started placing another flower.

Flowers and tape

6. Leave 1/2 inch left at the end of the wire so that you can tape the 2nd piece of twine on the end. Once you’ve taped to the end of the wire, cut the tape.


I had 5 stems of faux flowers, one roll of twine and wire and tape and I was able to make 8 crowns.

Floral crowns go well with country concerts (well, ALMOST any kind of concert), cold brews and koozies, an all weekend music festival, canoodling with your boo on a park bench in Central Park, and/or wineries on a Saturday. Crowns can be warn over your forehead, around the crown of your head, or wrapped around your wrist. The possibilities are endless!

Get over your hill and see what you find there, with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair. ” – Mumford & Sons

How will you do your floral crown?


National Girlfriends Day

Happy National Girlfriends Day!


To all my dearest girlfriends out there…thank you for filling my life with love, sarcasm, inappropriateness, and the greatest of shenanigans. In honor of this day, I’m making floral crowns for our Zac Brown Band concert next weekend. #yay #floralsANDfun #allthingsfloral

Floral crownsCheck back in a little while for a look at the final project!