DIY Floral Crown


Floral Crowns

What you will need:

* faux flowers * floral tape * floral wire * wire cutters * twine *


1. Cut two pieces of floral wire 16 inches in length.

2. Intertwine the two pieces loosely so that they are easy to manipulate.

3. Cut two pieces of twine 9 inches in length.

4. Cut the flower pieces (about 12-15 per crown) off the stems. You will want to leave at least a 1/4 inch of stem on the flower so that you have something to wrap the tape around.

Flowers cut

4. Place 1/2 inch of the twine onto one end of the wire and start rolling the tape around the twine and the wire. *you will not cut the tape until you get to the other end of the wire while you place the flowers around*

5. Place the stem against the wire and start wrapping the tape around. It’s best to wrap it around twice so that you know it will be secure.  Bring the tape underneath the stem and continue to wrap around the remaining wire. I went about 1/2 inch before I started placing another flower.

Flowers and tape

6. Leave 1/2 inch left at the end of the wire so that you can tape the 2nd piece of twine on the end. Once you’ve taped to the end of the wire, cut the tape.


I had 5 stems of faux flowers, one roll of twine and wire and tape and I was able to make 8 crowns.

Floral crowns go well with country concerts (well, ALMOST any kind of concert), cold brews and koozies, an all weekend music festival, canoodling with your boo on a park bench in Central Park, and/or wineries on a Saturday. Crowns can be warn over your forehead, around the crown of your head, or wrapped around your wrist. The possibilities are endless!

Get over your hill and see what you find there, with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair. ” – Mumford & Sons

How will you do your floral crown?


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