Clean Eating


Chance brought us together, choice made us friends. 

After the most amazing gluten and family filled wedding weekend (beer, fried chicken, LOBSTER mac’n’cheese, biscuits, burgers, pie, cupcakes, s’more’s by the fire, bruschetta, fries, fries, and more duck fat fries), it is time to get back on track. Clean eating my way back to reality (ugh, what’s a scale?). That means back to my aςai bowls, fresh salads, and homemade pops!

Since I went overload on the sweets, my sweet tooth seems to be in rare form. SO, I thought I would make some homemade good for you popsicles to ease my way back into real life (where pies don’t help you lose weight, like I might as well have been thinking over the weekend with the size of my slices).


popsicle needs

Coconut water • homemade lemonade •pop maker molds


Fill up to 3/4 of the mold with coconut water • Fill the rest with lemonade • Cover molds with lid • Place in freezer for 3 hours • Place mold in luke warm water to help release the pop from the mold



Enjoy! Your sweet tooth AND the scale will thank you.

Homemade pops pair well with a hot summer day, after a long day at the beach with your boo, after a salad #amIright #itsStillBikiniSeason #saladsalldayeveryday, a drive-in movie theater, walking your pooch on a quiet side street by the water, and/or after a good barre workout.

Despite my desperate need for clean eating now, all of the gluten was worth it. And I’d never miss a moment with the kids above because in the end, all we have is family (blood related or otherwise). Mine just happens to be KICK ASS in every way and I KNOW I would miss them even if we never met.

P.S. My kick start to a more flexible me is going well! Day 15 and I think I might be 1 millimeter of an inch more flexible. #slowbutsteady #amIright


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