Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it

As summer is coming to a close {insert sobbing}, I am trying to wear my summer floppy hat AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. SO, my hat is the focus of my Friday Favorite segment this week. It’s all about how to take a good hat into an eye catching, neon obsessed, all things color popping hat. I hope you enjoy…

Before photo

Before I went to Costa Rica (Monteverde, Arenal, Manuel Antonio), I wanted a big floppy hat to tote around. I searched far and wide for a hat with a little something extra but I wasn’t finding it. What’s a girl to do? D.I.Y. I loved this hat the minute I tried it on and I KNEW it had the utmost potential.

Next stop; Michael’s for some neon pink craft pant. All I wanted to do was to make a rim of color underneath the brim and I found the perfect shade of HELLO, LOOK AT ME pink.

paper plate and craft paint

I didn’t want to dab on too much paint at one time so the paper plate comes in handy. It helped me to adjust the amount of paint on my paint sponge.


Next, I just went around the rim slowly until it was complete.


I painted on a second coat and let it dry.

And then let this happen…

Costa Rica

Nailed it. Under budget and unique!

Floppy hats with a neon rim pair well with a besties vacation, hanging out at the Great Lawn in New York City, beach bumming with your boo, lake lounging with your family, outdoor outlet shopping in San Diego, and/or sipping vino at a beautiful vineyard.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Friday Faves. And remember…

Be happy • Be bright • Be you

How do you style your summer?


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