That weekend at the Big E…


This weekend, the Big E paired well with a felt hat, chambray shirt, suede skinny jeans, taupe booties, and PIXI skin.

I absolutely LOVE the Big E so here were my snags.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no intension of pushing Fall over so I can fall right into Winter, but, I WILL BE READY… for someone to invite me to a ski lodge, that is! Anybody?? Bueller??

I will be sure to be extra warm in these handmade ARAN yarned mittens and hat.

wine holders

How cute will these be to hold wine and then hang above my wine rack? In the house of my dreams that I don’t have yet, OF COURSE.

And don’t think I didn’t clean eat my way through that big fest. Cream puffs, and cheese fries, and cider donuts, OH MY.

sister date

Naturally, the Big E pairs well with sister day dates, holding hands with your boo while eating maple cotton candy from the New Hampshire house, canoodling in the long long line with your MAIN squeeze waiting for that baked potato from the Maine house, swooning over that apple cider slushie from the Vermont house and not swooning over ANYTHING in the Connecticut house.

IT also pairs well with a suprise Claddagh necklace from your sis that she picked up while you were busy checking yourself out in the mirror in your new hat and mittens. You can never have too much love, loyalty, and friendship, in my opinion #amIright. I’m lucky to have a sister who loves me no matter how many blog pictures I ask her to take. I’m lucky to have a sister who always has my back no matter how many times I tell her not to zoom in. Lastly, I’m lucky to have a sister who will hold my hand through life no matter where I go. I’m lucky to have all the love, loyalty, and friendship in her.

P.S. How do you style your Big E?


Be Fearless…

be fearless

Never let anyone tell you who to be, how to be, or where to be in your life. No one can live your life but yourself!

Be happy • Be bright • Be you

Being fearless and a daring woman pairs well with getting that well-deserved promotion, knowing that you can never be overdressed or overeducated, and/or daydreaming and then DOING.

And causing a little trouble never hurt anyone…


My whole heart for my whole life



“They have all the best attributes of the humans and not that many of the bad”

The home of my foster babe, Chemi Chemi. It doesn’t take more than a minute to pay it forward over to this orphanage. Wildlife Conservation Network is also an amazing organization where 100% of your donations go toward their anti-poaching and anti-trafficking campaigns.

Let’s be a part of something beautiful.


What French bath dreams are made of…I imagine

dream and then do

DREAM about making time for yourself. AND THEN make time for yourself.

The perfect pick me up after a long day of work, etc. (besides vino #amIright) is a long, hot bath filled with smells from the south of France ( I imagine, travel goals). What do you need?


Here are all of the ingredients and directions you will need to give yourself soft skin, a relaxed mind, and a calm soul. Enjoy!

Epsom Salt • Mason Jars • Dried Lavender • Lavender EO • Eucalyptus EO

2 cups of Epsom Salt, 1/2 cup of baking soda, Florets from 10 sprigs of dried lavender, 30 drops of Lavender EO, 8 drops of Eucalyptus EO

Mix together and place in your favorite Mason Jar

mason jar

Use 1/4 cup per bath

Bath salts are great for stress relief, reducing muscle aches, improving circulation, better nutrient absorption, during respiratory illness, joint pain relief, and hydrating your skin.

This bath salt mix REALLY pairs well with a glass of vino (red or white, your choice…as if there is any other choice besides red #amIright) listening to Paolo Nutini pandora station, your favorite Voluspo candle and dim lights, after a long day on your feet, following a long cross country road trip with your boo, after a long hike with your besties to watch the sunset and drink vino (of course), following living out of a suitcase because you travel for work and you’re exhausted, and/or drowning out all the sounds in the world and making time for yourself. It also really pairs well with a besties birthday celebration (easy gift ideas…ehemmm).

Whatever the case may be, this mixture will make your skin feel super soft and then you can spend the rest of the evening curled up with your man, finishing your vino.


Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

IT’S FRIDAY! That’s a favorite thing in itself, #amIright? Anywho! This week I’m highlighting my favorite scored products that I picked up at Target. Fun, fresh, light, and pretty. I hope you enjoy!


Pixi by petra is a UK based company that is now being sold in Target stores nationwide. Yippee! The collection is silky and smooth and gives your face a fresh, dewy glow.

Glow Mist: Lather your skin up before makeup with 13 natural oils plus propoils (skin purifyer), aloe vera, and fruit extracts. I really noticed a difference after the first time I used it. My skin felt fresh, clean, and hydrated. WIN!

Eye shadow palettePacked with Vitamin E, these 6 palettable (see what I did there?) shadow colors go on smooth and are long lasting. WIN!

Sheer cheek gel: A juicy, dewy gel that can be dabbed onto your cheeks and lips to add a punch of color. I have the gel in the Rosy shade. It looks wild but it gives your cheeks a nice highlighted, pink tint. Perfect for that I’m not wearing makeup BUT I am wearing makeup look. After this gel, I just lightly dust on my Bobbi Brown blush in Apricot and feel super prepped for the day. WIN!

Makeup fixing mist: Let Rose water and green tea mist over your face after you apply your makeup. This stuff really works! My barely there makeup stayed on all day and didn’t move an inch. WIN!

The next time you’re in Target, head on over to the beauty isle. You will not be disappointed with any of these products.

Pixi makeup pairs well with day-to-night plans, hot summer days and long summery nights, date night with your boo at a hot air balloon festival, a picnic in the park with your besties (vino included, always), reading your favorite novel and listening to Lindsey Stirling in the background (with a glass of vino on the table, of course), and/or trying to pick up a man at your local coffee shop.

Cheers to the Friday nights that turn into Saturday mornings…all possible while looking SHARP with Pixi.


Fall essentials

Fall must haves

What are your fall must haves? My new added pieces are these taupe leather booties from Seychelles and this tan felt hat from San Diego Hat Company (similar).

Fall must haves pair well with skinny jeans, pumpkin spice anything (#amIright), layers because fall is always hot then it’s cold, it’s yes then it’s no, fire pits with your family, this song I’m obsessed with by Trevor Hall, vino and projector screen movies in your back yard, picnics in Central Park, and cozy throws and movies with your boo.

What are you picking up this fall?


Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Why didn’t I learn to treat everything like it was the last time. My greatest regret was how much I believed in the future.

– Jonathan Safran, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

This Friday, I’m highlighting this quote that I have written down in my wallet. It’s my visual reminder to always be present. Always make those you love aware of your feelings. Always take chances. And never regret.

I hope you’re pairing your Friday with belly laughs, wine, besties, your boo, and Netflix.