That weekend at the Big E…


This weekend, the Big E paired well with a felt hat, chambray shirt, suede skinny jeans, taupe booties, and PIXI skin.

I absolutely LOVE the Big E so here were my snags.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no intension of pushing Fall over so I can fall right into Winter, but, I WILL BE READY… for someone to invite me to a ski lodge, that is! Anybody?? Bueller??

I will be sure to be extra warm in these handmade ARAN yarned mittens and hat.

wine holders

How cute will these be to hold wine and then hang above my wine rack? In the house of my dreams that I don’t have yet, OF COURSE.

And don’t think I didn’t clean eat my way through that big fest. Cream puffs, and cheese fries, and cider donuts, OH MY.

sister date

Naturally, the Big E pairs well with sister day dates, holding hands with your boo while eating maple cotton candy from the New Hampshire house, canoodling in the long long line with your MAIN squeeze waiting for that baked potato from the Maine house, swooning over that apple cider slushie from the Vermont house and not swooning over ANYTHING in the Connecticut house.

IT also pairs well with a suprise Claddagh necklace from your sis that she picked up while you were busy checking yourself out in the mirror in your new hat and mittens. You can never have too much love, loyalty, and friendship, in my opinion #amIright. I’m lucky to have a sister who loves me no matter how many blog pictures I ask her to take. I’m lucky to have a sister who always has my back no matter how many times I tell her not to zoom in. Lastly, I’m lucky to have a sister who will hold my hand through life no matter where I go. I’m lucky to have all the love, loyalty, and friendship in her.

P.S. How do you style your Big E?


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