So Thankful


Thanksgiving pairs well with good friends and family, great smells from the kitchen, dancing around with your momma and sis to Florida Georgia Line pandora while you’re making all the goods, and not taking anything for granted because you know you are so blessed.

I am thankful for great family, good friends, face time when you can’t be together, nourishing food, and knowing that no matter what happens, you have coveted a life with great minded people who lift you up and give you all the love you need.

My turkey paired well with twice baked potatoes with shrimp

FullSizeRender (82)

*without bacon*

#justdontcallmePaulaDeen #amIright

P.S. You can use the extra stuffing and make twiced baked potato skins for leftovers.

Roasted carrots and green beans…

FullSizeRender (83)

*olive oil, rosemary, tyme, oregano, garlic salt, basil*

*bake at 425 degrees for 25 minutes*

And it turned out like this…

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. #gobblegobble

And now I’m gonna go be like this…

FullSizeRender (84)


New York, you handsome devil

Keep looking up. That’s the secret of life. ~ Snoopy


My mom, sister and I head into New York City every year around Christmas time to winter village hop and eat/drink ourselves silly.

Risotteria’s first for the best gluten free food you’ve ever tasted. Seriously, we haven’t met a meal here we haven’t loved/drooled/made us wish we lived closer.


*olive tampenade with goat cheese and arugula pizza*

Follow it up with Gelato down the street at GROM. 100% natural “like it used to be made.” This will also make you wish you lived closer.

FullSizeRender (72)

*mango and stracciatella*

And then catch glances at all the glam…

Finally, we get home around midnight full and happy.

I didn’t hit the sheets before I exfoliated with a super easy, everything you can find in the grocery store, scrub for my face.

What you will need:

2 tbsp almond flour

4 tbsp of oat flour

1 tbsp of sea salt

2 drops of lavender oil

To use:

Put half a tablespoon of this mix into your hand and add a couple drops of water. Rub your hands together to make a paste. In circulur motions, gently rub onto your skin. Your skin will feel soft and silky after you wash it off with warm water and then a splash of cold water. Pat dry.

I washed NYC off my face but not from my soul.


Life In The Travel Lane : Boca

Seas the day!

FullSizeRender (66)

I’ll look back on this and smile because it was life and I decided to live it. 

I recently came back from a quick #besties getaway to Boca and I wanted to share all of the adventures. Boca is a wanderful place!


And trying to make my half-up, half-down top knot game ON POINT. #frizzyhairdontcare

Crushing this game called Bocce.


And loving this treat called Mandel Bread. #justcallbestiesGrandmaGiada



And enjoying unlimited mimosas and yummy treats at City Cellar Wine Bar & Grill. P.S. Figs in salad is a game changer.

And spending hours in Restoration Hardware (adult and baby) which I can only describe as a vortex that sucks you in and holds you tight and never wants to let you go. And if you’re anything like us, you stay in for 2 hours, leave, and then come back to buy this stellar faux fur Russan Ushanka hat. Be excited that your besties bought them too and now you can match during real winter activities.


Because eventually we would be heading back to the East Coast where it wasn’t #somewheresunnyand85

DO NOT be surprised if while you’re still in RH you DO see their faux fur slippers at every corner and try them on at every corner in hopes of finding something you hate about them so you don’t think about them when you leave. #fail

Next, stopped in Anthropolgie and fell in love with their candle display game…

And then we VOLUNTARILY stayed to enjoy the faux snow fall that City Place puts on all winter long.

FullSizeRender (61)

Palm trees and twinkly lights and snow fall pair SO well together. #amIright #beautifulviews

DO NOT be surprised if there is a stage in the center of City Place and they invite kids everyone up on stage to whip and nae nae.


IT WAS A WEEKEND OF… floral crowns, tailgating, and front row lawn seats for Drake White and Zac Brown Band.

DO NOT be surprised if your Kate Spade koozies and floral crowns make you giddy, if you drool over shaved ice from Paradise Cups, and definitely DO NOT be surprised if you realize that getting into the concert right when the gates open with your lawn chairs is the ONLY way to enjoy lawn seats. #gamechanger #amIright #frontrowstatus


With a little Monday Funday…


And a lot of memories in our mind and on our shared drive…


To get us through the winter. I’ll drink to that. #amIright

While it was a wanderful weekend for us, unfortunately not everyone was sharing the same joy. You never know what is going to happen in life. I am thankful and in awe of those that did and do serve (in any way, shape, or form) to protect and help others in need.