Life is too short. Wear sequins.

Happy New Year!

It only feels natural that my first blog post of the new year should include sequins; J.Crew inspired.

jcrew sequin pants

I loved these J.Crew sequin pants but they were all out of my size. So I thought to myself “you’re a handy gal, you can do this.” SO, without further ado, here is how I turned my reqular old pants into FANCY pants…


Go to Joann Fabrics and buy two rolls of stretch sequin ribbon

BR pants

Take an old pair of ‘drapey’ pants like these above

sequin your pants

Turn the pants on their side. Lay flat. Curl the edge of the sequin ribbon 1/4 inch and pin with quilt pin directly onto the pants.

Continue to pin the sequin ribbon all the way down until you get to the bottom seam. Curl the edge of the sequin ribbon 1/4 inch and pin with quilt pin.

I hand sewed from the top to bottom. I started with a straight line across to secure the ribbon and then I continued down the pant leg in a zig zag pattern. I finished by sewing a straight line at the bottom. The trick is to not sew through the sequins themselves.

Repeat the same instructions on the other pant leg.

And then spend your Saturday night drinking champagne, dancing on tables, and taking sequins wherever you go…

sequins and pants and love

Or grabbing brunch on Sunday with your best gals in a chambray shirt and loafers.

Or sprinkling date night with a low cut silk top and a kitten heel and a leather jacket.

Possibilities are endless!

I hope you all had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve. Cheers to a New Year with new adventures and new moments to enjoy.


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