Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Bringing a few of my favorite things from 2015 into the new year. Perfect to browse if you are like me and could spend hours in Ulta. #amIright

What's in my bag

So…what’s in my bag?

Full bag of goodies

They’re Real! Tinted Lash Primer

They are real

I wear this alone and it really does give my lashes a natural and feathery look. Just like it describes. It also has magic potion ( Provitamin B5) to condition. My lashes feel soft and primed.

Laura Mercier Eye Shadow

Laura Mercier Eye Shadow

If Laura Mercier is wrong, I don’t want to be right. My colour is a barely there pink, Vanilla Nuts, and it is the only eye shadow that doesn’t crease by the middle or end of day. It’s creamy and soft and stays for hours.

Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift

Trish McEvoy

I had a gift card to Nordie’s once and before I knew it I made my way over to beauty. In 5 minutes, my hands were covered in all different eye shadow colors, lines of eye liner colors, and a glittery blush color. And then I found this. This eye lift goes under my eye in a downward facing triangle and IT WORKS. I felt like I just went under the knife, it was that good. Just call me the illusionist. It’s a little on the $$ side but if you are looking to splurge in the new year, you will not be disappointed.

My ‘never fails me’ Bobbi Brown blush and eyeliner gel

Bobbi Brown

I LOVE Bobbi Brown. Love her. And these two products have yet to disappoint me. This blush color gives me a tint of pink and for the eyeliner, I just dab under my lash line on my top lid to make it appear that my eyelashes are full of color and life. By lining under the base of my lashes, it doesn’t look like I have eye liner on which I think is the best when I want to add pops of color elsewhere (please see vampy lip color below).

Porefessional Magic by benefit


I have oily skin, especially after I apply my SPF face cream in the morning, so I need a fix. This product ROCKS and it keeps me looking shine free for most of the morning and a little into the afternoon. I keep it with me if I’m going ‘day to night’ somewhere. WIN. OH and the best part…this one container will last you a whole year.

Last, but not least…

Urban Decay’s Matte After Dark Lipstick

Urban Decay Lip

This is the only product that I didn’t have for long in 2015. And by long I mean 24 hours. I wanted to become a little less predictable in 2016 and I think this lipstick will help do the trick. I think it says “girl loves taking risks and good conversation.” Things I wouldn’t mind having in 2016.

new year new me

So cheers to some trusty products and a new year. And on that note…may your coffee be as strong as your brow game.

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Luxe on…


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