Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

I’m not feeling so hot today so this Friday my favorites are all about the things that make me feel good…

sweater weather

These sweater leggings from the Gap. Check in store for more colors. I got one pair for Christmas and I loved them so much that I went to the store for another pair. They are everything when you’re sick.

Those Lemon cozy slipper socks (similar) that need no description. They’re that good.

And then my raw honey/cinnamon hot water concoction that has kept me going during the work day. Look at all the benefits of raw honey and cinnamon. Together they make magic happen. #amIright

I hope your Friday night looks nothing like mine; Advil PM and bed.


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. LMM

    Feel better soon!

    Raw honey and cinnamon sounds great! My Friday includes emails and a work training and thinking about what I would have been doing 10 years ago on a Friday. Enjoy yourself, L&L!

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