Music Crush Monday

Music Crush Monday

He’s British. He’s a jazz artist. He’s won a Grammy, two Golden Globes, he’s been GQ’s man of the year twice, and the list goes on…

jamie cullum

Jamie Cullum

You’ll crush on him too if you are in a jazz, rock, pop, and bluesy mood.

Here are my top favorite songs:

Save Your Soul • Everything You Didn’t Do • Edge of Something 

It doesn’t hurt that he absolultely ADORES Tay, too.

These jazzy tunes pair well with people watching at your favorite coffee shop on Jane St.,  sipping wine and talking about how crazy your love is at your favorite wine bar on 7th Avenue, holding hands and walking down Irvington Street and feeling like you’re the only two people in the world, eating gelato near the fountain at Columbus Avenue and talking about your best day in New York (that one), and/or sitting at home cuddling with your pup. Any or all will do, ya know…

And as always, may your Mondays start off strong and end with a glass of vino when you walk through your front door. Or water. Or champagne. Or tea. Whatever works best.


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