I’ve always been a little late to trendy parties so hence my late start to this whole blog craze.
While I absolutely love what I do for work (I’m a pediatric occupational therapist – my “office” consists of yoga balls, mats, swings, and bean bag chairs), my life outside of work is equally important. I have to admit though, It is definitely hard to keep work and life balanced 100% of the time, but I am working on doing my best. I hope this blog will help me cherish my great moments, silly moments, and in between moments.

I love music (any and all), cooking, baking, DIYing, reading, pilates, the color green, brooks running shoes, cheese, avocado, football (PATRIOTS!!!!), basketball (MARCH MADNESS – GO UCONN!!!!), green tea with cinnamon and raw honey (my new obsession), red lipstick (recently), lavender (hence the picture above), sequins, throw pillows, TULLE, Kate Spade, and painting my nails.

Things I have too much of in my apartment? Nail polish and costume jewelry.

Things I need more of in my apartment? Blankets. I can’t get enough! Give me a beautiful, comfy, soft, I want to curl up and snuggle forever kind of throw and I am yours forever.

Things I have too much of in my life? A few extra pounds….doesn’t everybody?! Bueller??

Things I need more of in my life? Traveling, love, time with family, time with my friends, a swimming pool, and laughter. I love smiling. Smiling is my favorite.

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